The Chinese Ormolu Clock

The Chinese Ormolu clock, dating back to 1736-1795, is a complicated, multi-functioning clock and is regarded as one of the most extraordinary and impressive clocks in the world. It was sold at an auction in Hong Kong for four million dollars, one of the most expensive clocks ever sold in an auction! The clock features music and automata, and is designed from gilded and engraved copper and ormolu. Due to the time period of this clock, the fact that it is multi-functional makes it even more impressive. The construction of the clock is an embellishment of panels of gilded copper with flowing vines of flowers that are housed with beaded frames and red paste gem frames. There is a lot going on in this clock including: leaping fish, moving birds, and an automata function of the clock that raises red curtains to reveal a niche of painted flowers and banisters. It truly is a masterpiece in horology.

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