The Tissot Heritage 1948 Chronograph Watch

The case of the Tissot Heritage 1948 Chronograph immediately draws attention with its fantastic bombé lugs, but the full package really starts to shine on closer inspection. The overall size of the piece is something else worth mentioning. It’s a rare occurrence for a brand to put out a new chronograph in the 39-millimeter range, and after experiencing this one I can’t help but wish that would change. The Heritage 1948 wears brilliantly, feeling compact and vintage on the wrist while the tapering bezel helps to give the dial more presence than one would expect.

Most of the dial is pitch-perfect mid-century beauty. The light silver of the main dial is surprisingly dynamic, going from a flat off-white to a sparkling metallic texture in direct sunlight. Around the edges is a clean, simple railroad minutes track, driving home the 1940s ethos while creating a handsome natural boundary to the dial.

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